So You Want a Teacup Yorkie?


Things to consider....


Are you thinking of getting a tiny yorkie?


If you are, you should be aware of the extra care that a really tiny yorkie needs.

They share similar traits with the larger standard sized yorkies. They are gentle and loving, smart, curious, non-shedding and they love love companionship. They are very social animals, preferring not to be alone for long periods of time.  

How much time do you spend away from home and from the puppy?

If your family and you are gone for long hours every day, your teacup sized baby will not be a very happy pet.  You might benefit from a second pup for a cuddle buddy and playmate.  If you are gone for much of the day it is very important to take time with your Yorkie. They benefit as much from love and attention as their bodies obtain from good diets. They need that intense bond with you. 

A Safe Space..

A word of caution here . Tiny yorkies, puppies and adults as well need extra attention from you as to their diet and well being.

Their small size means that they can run out of energy quickly. This requires vigilance for the first 6 to 9 months of their lives, as low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can occur instantly and could be fatal.

 I recommend keeping your puppy in an X-pen or exercise pen,  taking them out for small amounts of playtime and then just like a human new born needs rest, putting them down for quiet time to nap.

Diet and Supplemental Care

It is important to have karo syrup on hand at all times.   Karl Syrup will counteract the occasional low blood sugar incidents. Karo syrup can be put directly into the puppies mouth or can be put into their drinking water to give them a balanced sugar level.  Another suggestion is giving them some high-energy liquid food at night to carry them safely through the night into morning. Check with your trusted vet for good advice.     

If you have children, you might wish to choose a standard size yorkie, rather than a tiny one. A toy size might make a better choice. You need to remember how small a 2lb - 5lb pound puppy really is... They are unable to jump off a couch or chair because it will fracture or break the bones in the legs.  I know of small yorkies that broke their wrists jumping off one tiny step.  It happens and more often than i care to think about.

I’m not trying to scare you away from these adorable babies but just to give you more information in order for you to make a good decision for a fur baby that will be part of your life for years to come.

 This way you can choose what size will fit in with you and your family.  


If your baby is a Tiny Yorkie you will need to keep feeding your baby. Instructions will be given to you at the time of getting your babydoll yorkie…  

DRY FOOD: Tiny babies will get tired way before they get full from eating.  If they are eating dry food, you need to know exactly how much they are eating. I would recommend putting out 15 tiny nuggets at a time and see how long it takes for the puppy to eat this quantity. If the nuggets are there in 2 hours time, i would supplement feed the puppy. 

Supplemental Feeding and Care 

A good stand by recipe for the picky eaters is a Yogurt Recipe.  (This blend should be kept on hand until the puppy is used to its new home and eating very regularly.)  Mix 1 cup of  vanilla yogurt (low fat)

2 tablespoon of clear karo syrup and 1/2 jar of baby chicken food.  Mix well.  *Your can freeze this in ice cube trays and then put in a zip lock bag, only taking some out as needed.  Give to your puppy via syringe (A 3 to 6cc syringe) as needed, If using a 3cc syringe probably 2 1/2 - 3 of those will fill them up. This helps with blood sugars when puppies are in transition and do not want to eat. 

 It can also be given as a meal if your puppy is not eating for any reason. 

With all this being said, we prefer a larger yorkie in a 5 to 7 lb range. We purposely breed larger yorkies for pet homes.  Upon occasion they pop up in our litters, but we do not purposely breed for them.  I will leave it to breeders far more experienced than i am.